13 Dec

Riverside By Taxi

riverside_taxiRiverside ca is a very diverse and spread out city. It is in Riverside County Ca, which is one of the largest counties in california. The population is very diversified with several different languages spoken fluently. The city does have its major shopping mails full of the newest name brand usually only a short cab ride aways form most of the city dwellers.

The city also offers some house with very large lots that used to be farms in the beginning of Riverside. The houses still boast large yards and long driveways with mailboxes far from the house. The Kids grow up in a country lifestyle setting. they play in the fields and go off roading, they swim in the creeks and do mostly outdoor activities. And like any young adults the kids enjoy going to the Tyler mall and galleria to see what is going on with the local scene. If they can not all pile into one car or truck they will pitch in and call a ride from a taxi company. It does end up being cheaper for the younger crowd to just pay for a ride when they have a need.

Some people continue this savings as they grow older and get out on their own. They may be paying rent and attending a local college and simply not have enough income to pay insurance and fuel costs. Also the car payments can be a huge demand on any newer person to the work force. SO maybe the alternative is to find a local cab company that you trust and set up a frequent ride price.

If you find a local cab service that caters to your needs you should save that phone number into your phone for later use. it is always nice to know that no matter where you are you do always have a ride home. You can save yourself a long walk of shame by being able to call your favorite taxi to come and get you. You will not have to worry about parking or even driving home when you are are still drink from the night before.

4 Dec

It’s Not What You Think

boaeNothing like a catchy name to get people to take a look at what you are talking about. If you think about marketing like we do you will know that any press, any notification, any response is a good thing. The first thing you want people to do is to notice you. Now that is hopefully in a good light but ultimately any notoriety can be promoted into a good sign of recognition.

So a good start here should be to post up some blogs about our particular marketing campaigns. We will talk about companies and their strategy to gain some notoriety in their particular niche. You will find all different types of marketing and companies here. Our goal is to simple give examples, good or bad of the marketing we are attempting to sell into these companies and their markets.

Thank you for your time and interest in reading this.